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Everything You Need To Know About Instagram’s Vanish Mode

Instagram’s Vanish mode and Snapchat’s primary feature of self-erasing media and messages are somewhat linked. When making the announcement, the user’s security and privacy were given the utmost priority. Users of Instagram have the option to send messages or images that quickly and completely disappear from the platform.

Below is a short lesson that explains how to use Vanish Mode on Instagram.

What is Vanish Mode on Instagram?

You might not want all of your conversations to be visible in the history of your Instagram DMs. Vanish Mode comes very handy in this circumstance. When this mode is activated, you can communicate with other Instagram users by sending them vanishing messages, photographs, videos, and more. In other words, once something is posted in a conversation and you leave the chat, it is gone forever. In essence, there won’t be any trace of the chat. Isn’t that amazing? Check out this straightforward tutorial to find out how to enable or disable Vanish Mode in Instagram and other applications.

How to activate this mode on Instagram?

On Instagram, vanish mode is turned on by default, but you have to turn it on manually to use it.

How to activate vanish mode on Instagram for Android and iPhone is described below.

To begin, use the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Tap the DM icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Click the + sign in the top right corner to start a new chat or choose an existing one.

Now, swiping up from the bottom of the screen and letting go will activate Vanish Mode.

A message reading “You switched on disappear mode” will appear at the top of your screen as it transitions from white to black.

When a conversation is in Vanish Mode, you can still send messages normally, and any that have been seen will disappear when the chat is closed. Knowing that your chat window will become black when the recipient views your message and notices that you have used Vanish Mode is crucial. The fact that you can discontinue this Vanish Mode at any time is one of its best advantages.





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