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Interesting approaches to apologize to someone you have wronged

Situations and circumstances can often spiral out of control, causing you to say or do things that were never intended to happen. But once it’s done, it can never be undone.

You can, however, rebuild the friendship by apologizing as soon as possible and getting over the remorse of hurting someone.

Recognize Where You Went Wrong

Many times, you simply want to apologize but are unaware of what has offended the other person. So, after a fight, try to assess what went wrong and own your shortcomings to yourself first.

You will know exactly what to say while apologizing in this manner.

What Should You Do If You’re Afraid of Meeting the Other Person?

It is understandable if you do not want to confront the individual after a heated argument. However, if you know you committed a mistake and need to ask for forgiveness, you must do so.

How do you apologize if you are not brave enough to confront the other person? A text message on a mobile phone or even a handwritten note delivered through a shared friend can help in this case.

Be truthful and avoid giving reasons.

Things happen, and every action has a purpose. However, if you want to apologize from the bottom of your heart, be truthful and avoid giving explanations.

Just fully acknowledge your error. The other person will accept your apologies with open arms since it will seem more sincere.

Make a Commitment

A simple apology is insufficient. Make sure you include a guarantee that the error won’t be made again.

Introduce A New Perspective

If you both meet after the fight to hash out your differences or apologize, it may take some time to re-establish your friendship. There will be some awkwardness and a lack of trust.

To rekindle your friendship, try something new, such as going on a short trip together, spending more time together, or binge-watching your favorite movies over the weekend.





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