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5 important breakthroughs in the battle against cancer

One of the biggest causes of mortality worldwide is cancer. Because of this, medical researchers have been working hard to make significant strides toward a permanent treatment for the numerous cancers that claim the lives of people worldwide every year.

Over time, medical professionals have developed various cutting-edge therapies that have effectively treated millions of patients and liberated them from cancer.

These significant developments in the battle against cancer include:

Precision oncology

Precision oncology is the most recent cancer treatment method.
While chemotherapy and radiation have been the standard therapies, precision oncology takes a different approach and focuses on studying the molecular make-up of cancer cells in patients.

Personalized therapies are created on the basis of the study that exclusively target malignant cells, as opposed to healthy cells as is the case with chemotherapy.

AI-based cancer treatment

In order to change cancer care, Indian medical professionals have recently begun utilizing cutting-edge technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Early-stage malignancies like breast cancer are being identified and diagnosed using AI-based screening. Additionally, this technique is utilized to analyze X-rays in order to spot malignancies.

DNA data analysis

Leading hospitals in England are investigating cancer patients’ genomic DNA data in order to determine the root causes of cellular malfunctions that result in cancerous tumors.

Liquid and synthetic biopsies

Biopsies are used to diagnose cancer. It is an invasive procedure that entails removing a tiny piece of tissue from the bodily part that is being treated. Often, the only choice is to do the surgical removal.

Today, however, less invasive and simpler methods of cancer screening are being explored, including liquid and synthetic biopsies. Blood samples are utilized in liquid biopsy to test for the disease’s symptoms.

Cancer cells are forced to manifest themselves during the first stages of a synthetic biopsy.

CAR T Treatment

Immune cells search for and kill cancer cells as part of this sort of treatment. It has been effective in a small number of leukemia patients and destroys cancer cells by genetically changing the T cells, which are immune cells in cancer patients’ bodies.

Chimeric antigen receptors, often known as CARs, are a class of proteins produced by these transformed cells. These proteins locate and destroy cancer cells.





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