Husband Dumped Wife For Another Lady After She Funded His Trip To The UK

A lady narrated how she was dump by her husband dump, after she funded his trip to united kingdom. She said,

“I had a boyfriend during my teens in Ghana, i funded his trip to UK . we were so in love with each other so, one thing led to the other we departed for so long , thou i search for him until fate brought us back again and we reconnected after several years.

We started talking again and as usual one thing led to the other , he popped the question and i said yes , thou at that time i was preparing to travel back to London, because my flight was supposed to leave a day or two days before he asked if i would marry him.

So when I arrived London, I started making plans on how to bring him over to London, God by my said i started working and doing all kinds of work to safe money for us , so that he can come over to London, while I was making preparations on how he can come over.

I was asked to present some document of us , which at that point i don’t have so we planned on me coming to Ghana for our marriage, which was successful after the wedding i went back to London and borrowed some money in my place of work to foot his bills to come over and I brought him to London.

We started living as husband and wife , things were going so fine with us, we had two children together. but his behavior started changing after we had our second child.

In this beautiful union my husband was the quiet person, and I was the loud one, at a time i wasn’t comfortable with his recent change in behavior ,things started changing in our family .

That was when I discovered the shock of my life ,he was having an affair with someone based in Ghana, according to her , she said that the mother in-laws whom she worked hard to bring to the UK, on hearing what the son has been doing also supported her son’s decision. 

The woman she took loan for just to better their life, the woman she allowed to also visited them three times. She didn’t even have a passport and had never seen one before.

I took a loan to be able to bring him and his mother to London. I had to work hard to repay the loan, but in the end, they disappointed.

He surprised me and filed a divorce.



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