The Mystery Of How I Found Grace “Frankly Okereke

A facebook user by name Franklin Okereke narrated how he fell from the mystery sky to preach in Living Word Campus Church, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, to the pool of love just by watching a powerful drama presentation.

In his words , he said

In 2017, after I had left school, I was invited to preach in Living Word Campus Church, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. I honored the invitation. As the service went on, the moderator of the service called on the TIT (The Impression Theatre), the drama arm of the church to minister to the church.

The drama was so powerful that it changed the atmosphere, brought many people to the alter and even changed the topic of my message. The actors and actresses all ministered well but to me one lady stood out. Why did she stand out? Was it because she acted better than others? or because of her boldness or because of her beauty? I haven’t been able to answer these questions till now.

I picked interest in this lady & decided I was going to have a talk with her after service. After the powerful service, some members came around to greet me. As I looked at my right hand side, the same lady that I admired so much in the drama was already beside me waiting to say “hi” to the pastor that visited. Wow.

The lady I was going to call on, was already before me. After discussing with her briefly, I found out that her intelligence was inborn and not just about what was displayed on stage. After that day, one thing led to the other and today she is now my BEST FRIEND. Her name is Grace.

He further introduced her to the world and said

This is how I found GRACE.

*Friends, meet the lady that made me know that true love exists.

*Meet the lady that loves me unconditionally.

*Meet the lady that accepts the call of God on my life.

*You love God like without Him nothing else matters to you.

*Very focused, bold & disciplined.

*Exquisite in every sense!

*Class in every attire!

*Meek in every disposition.

I celebrate you & every ounce of Grace you carry.

When I look at you, I see greatness.



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