Joeboy claimed CKay’s ‘Love Nwantiti’ earned him money

Joeboy claimed CKay's 'Love Nwantiti' earned him money

Nigerian musician Joeboy, born Joseph Akinfenwa Donus, has revealed his financial success as a result of his cooperation on the remix of his colleague CKay’s chart-topping tune “Love Nwantiti.” The gifted musician, known for his soulful compositions, revealed that the remix proved to be a profitable venture, bringing in big earnings.

CKay remixed his fantastic hit ‘Love Nwantiti’ in 2019 by recruiting the vocal prowess of Joeboy and Ghanaian vocalist Kwame Eugene. The combination of their distinct approaches generated an instant global hit, drawing audiences all over the world.

Joeboy said during an enthralling edition of his audiovisual podcast, Body & Soul, that his choice to cooperate on the track was primarily motivated by his appreciation for CKay as an artist. He claimed that CKay approached him with the opportunity after another artist turned it down, and Joeboy’s admiration for CKay’s work made accepting the offer an easy option.

He said,

The money Love Nwantiti gave me bruh, bruh that song changed the lives of everybody on it. That is one thing I always thank God for. Thank God, I actually jumped on that song. Anytime I play the song, I just dey happy say thank you my Gee (Ckay).

CKay reached out to me that he was trying to get somebody on the song, but the person was not responding on time. That was like the end of 2019. To be honest, the only reason I jumped on that song was because I just like CKay. It wasn’t about the song. That time, I just blew up and everybody was trying to drag me for features.

While Joeboy’s decision may have been motivated by emotional feelings, it proved to be a financially profitable one. The remix of ‘Love Nwantiti’ attracted a lot of attention and airtime, which resulted in a lot of money for the brilliant three involved.

Joeboy’s revelation shines light on the sometimes hidden financial implications of music industry cooperation. It underlines the significant financial gains that musicians can achieve through strategic partnerships and well-received remixes. This revelation also emphasizes the need of networking and taking advantage of chances as they arrive, as one artist’s rejection can become another’s triumph.

The success of ‘Love Nwantiti’ demonstrates the strength of collaboration in the music business, as well as the financial advantages that can accompany such undertakings. Joeboy’s frank disclosure regarding his financial advantages from the remix emphasizes the necessity of making decisions based on artistic appreciation and the potential for both creative and commercial success.

According to Chart Data, CKay’s ‘Love Nwantiti’ has over 2 billion total streams across all platforms, with over 20 million records sold worldwide.




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