Skit Maker Trinity Responds to Police Invitation Regarding Controversial Skit Involving a Mino

Oyo State Police Confirms Skit MakerTrinity Compliance with Invitation

The Oyo State Police Command has officially announced that Abdullahi Maruf Adisa, a digital content creator and skit maker known as Trinity, has answered to their invitation and reported to the command. Trinity arrived at the command on Friday, accompanied by his legal lawyer, following the police’s invitation in reaction to his controversial pranks.

Trinity was called in response to a terrible viral skit involving a female minor that has been going around on various social media platforms, according to SP Osifeso Adewale, the command’s spokeswoman. According to the police, the explicit video breached sections 32, 35, and 36 of the Child Rights Act of 2023, according to a statement they made on their official Twitter account.

The video depicts the explicit sexual exploitation of a minor who was forced to provide a horrible description of male genitalia. The authorities also claimed that Trinity had provided concerning information about the minor’s parents’ involvement throughout the entire production process.

The police claimed in their statement that Trinity insisted on getting permission from both parents before posting the skit online. As part of their investigation, the police also questioned the girl’s parents, Isiaka Ahmed and his wife, Rofiat, with Trinity, at the State Criminal Investigation Department’s Gender and Juvenile-Related Offenses Desk.

The police’s quick response and subsequent investigation into this upsetting incident demonstrate their dedication to protecting kids’ rights and welfare. The authorities are taking these claims seriously and are working hard to collect all relevant facts and evidence in the case.

As the inquiry continues, it is critical to emphasize children’s well-being and protection, ensuring their safety and prohibiting any sort of exploitation. The investigation’s findings will be used to identify the proper legal steps to be taken against those involved in this occurrence, with the goal of maintaining justice and protecting the rights of the vulnerable.

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