Davido Accusation Saga: Screenshots Surface, Harrysong Contemplates Second Marriage

Davido Accusation Saga: Screenshots Surface

The lady who previously alleged that her account was hacked after accusing Davido of impregnating her has now changed her stance, providing screenshots of their conversations as evidence.

Once again, Davido finds himself in the midst of negative publicity as a woman, known by the username “Ninathelite,” has come forward, claiming that she is carrying his child.

Earlier, another woman had accused Davido of impregnating her and subsequently abandoning her. However, shortly after making the allegation, she retracted her statement, citing a hacked account and deeming the news false.

Nevertheless, this lady has reversed her previous claim of a hacked account and now accuses the artist of fathering her child. The surfaced chat screenshots reveal Davido initially asking her out on a date.

In the subsequent screenshots, we witness Davido’s cousin, Clarks, engaging in a conversation with the lady, assuring her that he will persuade Davido to allow her to keep the pregnancy until she gives birth.

I’ll take a second spouse if my wife agrees – Harrysong

In other news, popular singer Harrison Okori, widely known as Harrysong, has reaffirmed his willingness to take a second wife.

Previously, while celebrating his wife Alexer Perez Gopa’s birthday on his Instagram page, Harrysong had revealed his intention to enter into a polygamous marriage.

Offering further insight into his controversial announcement during a recent interview with Hip TV, Harrysong explained that his wife’s consent would be a prerequisite for him to marry another woman. He emphasized his love and respect for his current wife, stating that he wouldn’t undertake such a decision without her permission.

“I love my wife so much. I take very good care of her. And I have great respect for her.

“I will not do anything that she is not a part of or [that] she would not permit. So, if I talk about marrying a second wife, yeah, maybe. But it would not be a disrespect to my wife. It will be what she permits, what she agrees to. Basically, I will not disrespect her. So, if I’m talking about marrying a second wife, just know that we are all going to be one big family, all together.”

The talented “Better Pikin” singer expressed his desire for a larger family as the main motivation behind his inclination to have a second wife.

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